The 3 Wedding Guests That Should Always Get a Plus One

The 3 Wedding Guests That Should Always Get a Plus One

Remember that great wedding you went to where you knew no one but the bride and groom? You know, the one where you sat at dinner with the grooms’ cousins sister (you’re besties now!), danced the night away solo, and then headed to the airport the next morning for a long trek back home alone? Wasn’t that wedding the best? #SaidNoOneEver


I do know a thing or two about being an actual wedding guest and trust me, a plus one makes all of the difference when it comes to a great time versus just an ok time. Plus, an even number of invitees will make your seating arrangements that much easier to plan.

I know, brides, that’s not what you want to hear. But in all honesty, the following situations deserve a plus one.

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Anyone in Your Bridal Party
While being in someones bridal party is absolutely incredible it can also be a lot of time, money, energy, and commitment. And having a dance partner when all is said and done is truly the icing on the cake. It means having the person that’s the most important to them to experience and be a part of their best friend’s love for her husband. And that’s a moment they always remember together.

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Any Guest in a Long Term Relationship
Discounting couples in a long term relationship (but not yet married) or couples that live together can be stifling. If you know a couple is truly committed, giving them the benefit of the doubt and including them both isn’t just generous, it’s thoughtful. Imagine how you would have felt to not be included a mere months before you got engaged or married. Bonus points if you include both full names on the invitation and not just “Guest.”

Anyone Who Has A Long Way to Travel
Is your wedding a destination, out of town, or does the guest attending have to take a train, plane, and automobile to attend? If you answered yes to any of these, then by all means, plus one them. Traveling can be stressful, complicated, and getting to the wedding alone can put a damper on the whole weekend, especially if the guest doesn’t know anyone else attending. And now that weddings have become a weekend-affair, making sure your out-of-town-guest has someone to hang with at the welcome party campfire should be a common courtesy. You would want the same!


By: SMP Contributor

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