Send Wedding Thank You Notes Like a Pro

Send Wedding Thank You Notes Like a Pro
I will be the first to admit: I hate writing thank you notes. I was the kid that never wrote thank-you notes for my birthday presents, much to my mothers’ dismay. However, as I’ve grown up, I see the importance of a handwritten, personal card thanking someone for not only coming to the biggest event of your life, but also for gifting you with something useful and meaningful.

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If you’re someone who struggles to meet etiquette obligations like this, read on for some tips!

Traditional thank-you note etiquette dictates that you should let no more than a month go by before sending out your cards. This is actually to your benefit, as it doesn’t allow you to put it off and let it pile up. If you received gifts before the wedding, send those notes out right away, ideally before the wedding.

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Utilize proper stationery that matches your wedding suite or a custom card created with a wedding photo for a special touch. If you’re sending them before your wedding date for any early gifts, they should have your maiden name on them. If you’re sending them after the wedding, your married name is fitting. Check out some stunning personalized stationery options on Etsy!

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Get Organized
This process will be far less painless the more organized you and your partner are! Use a spreadsheet to keep track of all gifts you have received, from whom, when you got them, where (store or brand) the gift is from, if you know, and when the thank you card is sent. Reference your list as you go to make it easy to reference as write out your cards.

You can divide your list by your family and your husband’s family and have him write the thank-you notes for his side of the family and friends. Split mutual friends evenly—this will lighten the load for each of you.

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What to Write
The messages don’t need to be lengthy— a few sentences addressing the person by name, mentioning the gift and how you plan to use it. Think of the thank-you notes as the one last task left of wedding planning and tackle them head-on!

Teamwork makes the dream work, even if writing thank-you notes isn’t exactly living the dream! <3

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