Pros and Cons of a Winter Wedding

Pros and Cons of a Winter Wedding

Pros and Cons of a Winter Wedding 

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You’re thinking about wedding dates and you’re not sure which to choose, but you know you won’t want a winter wedding. Winter weddings are awful, right? Maybe not. There are some benefits that you may not have considered. Those who’ve had winter weddings can tell you just how amazing they can be. Every season has its ups and downs, yes even summer weddings can have downfalls. But we’re not here to talk about summer. Let’s look at all the pros and cons of having a winter wedding so you can see whether it’s worth having one.

Stuck Indoors

As you know, winter weather is not typically conducive to having the wedding outside. Not unless you want your guests to freeze to the ground that is. This is one of winter wedding’s major caveats. That outdoor ceremony you’ve been dreaming of just can’t happen easily in the winter. Is it really so bad being indoors the whole time? Not necessarily, but it can feel a bit claustrophobic. It’s hard to do everything inside during the winter, you start to feel a little stir crazy. Guests may feel this way too. Those who want fresh air or guests who smoke, they will have to brave the weather to do so. Those who don’t feel braving the cold is worth it, may just have to stick it out indoors.

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Anniversary Holi-Date

Don’t forget, your wedding date will be your anniversary for years to come. If you have a winter wedding, especially anywhere near December, it’s likely that you’re going to run into holiday conflicts. Forget plans with you family, think about everyone else’s plans. When it’s not your family distracting from your anniversary with their holiday performances and get togethers, it’s other people’s plans getting in the way of any travel you want to do. Let’s say you want to go to Hawaii for a vacation since it’s your anniversary, but the airports are absolutely atrocious. With a winter wedding anywhere near the holidays, you do risk these types of issues.

Sticky Travel Situation

The problem with winter is the weather. Especially if you live anywhere north, you know how terrible the snow storms can get. When you’re planning your date a year ahead, it’s impossible to know whether you’ll get a flurry or a full-on cataclysm. Those guests that are traveling, from even an hour away could be snowed in. Not to mention your musicians, if you have any, and any vendors like catering and photographers.


Having a winter wedding is like money in your pocket. Yes, winter weddings have their flaws, but doesn’t every season? What are a few challenges compared to the stress and money you save? A lot of venues offer a discounted price for winter weddings simply because it’s not a popular time of the year. Other vendors do the same. Look around, you’ll find someone who’s offering a discounted rate. What an easy way to save on almost every aspect of your wedding. You know you’ll have a wonderful time and now you won’t have to eat instant noodles for the rest of the season.

Winter themed wedding bouquet

A Unique Date

Winter weddings are less popular than other seasons. We know this. What you may not be thinking of are the benefits of that fact. Yes winter weddings aren’t popular. That means your winter wedding will be unique. When your winter wedding stands alone it also means you don’t have to share your date with many other people. Let everyone else in your circle fight over July. You’re having a January wedding and all the focus will be on you.

It’s Pretty

There are benefits to even snow and cold. Snow is hard to travel in yes, but it’s also beautiful. A crisp winter night, there’s nothing better. You can use the weather to help with the aesthetic. Can you imagine having carriage rides through the snow at your wedding? What a beautiful wedding element. While it’s not guaranteed to snow, if you’re in a snowy area, it’s very possible. You are taking a gamble just like a summer wedding gambles on fine weather. If it does snow though, there’s no better setting for your perfect winter nuptials.

Winter is a tough time for a lot of people. It’s when the weather is the coldest and the nights are longest. People get antsy sitting in their homes all the time, scraping off their cars, burying themselves in coats. It’s also a beautiful time full of magic and wonder. Some of it depends on how you look at it. It’s up to you whether a winter wedding sounds fantastical or fantasti-crap. Either way, by hosting a winter wedding, you’re offering a break from the humdrum of winter. All those winter nights doing puzzles can be broken up by your fancy fiesta. You’ll never see people more joyous than at a winter wedding. You also may not see the people there because they all got stuck in snow. It’s a give and take. Make your choice wisely and get ready for the chill!
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