How to Plan a Sailboat Elopement

How to Plan a Sailboat Elopement

How to pull off a sailboat elopement

Two words: Sailboat. Elopement. If you love the ocean as much as we do, it probably sounds like the most fun way to tie the knot. Photogs Melisa + Laif of Blue Note Weddings and designer Jennifer of Something Blue hooked up with Captain Heather of A Fine Day For Sailing (who has had lots of couples get engaged or elope on her boat) and set sail out of Sausalito, California. Naturally we thought of all you adventurous couples, and wanted to know just how they pulled it off!

PS Don’t for get to peep Blue Note’s film at the end of this post, too…

Nautical groom

Sailboat floral installation

Sailboat wedding portrait

Heather set up the M + L on a speedboat, so they could get these faraway shots of their couple. Melisa’s tip? Bring straps to anchor yourself down! It’s choppy on the water, so they had to battle wind, waves, and trying not to fall in while leaning over for the perfect shots. They also used a drone for aerial shots and footage, as you’ll see below.

Wedding portrait

Wedding flowers

Melisa says, This is such an easy way to elope. Most sailing companies that offer elopements at sea will provide everything from champagne to catering and blankets. Sometimes the captain can even marry you! You literally just show up and get married! When eloping, you save tons of money on the food alone so why not splurge on a 5-star meal when it’s just the two or a few of you?

Rivini wedding dress

Sailboat wedding portrait

As for the fashion, brides, you’ll definitely want an updo when there are crazy winds. But a flowy dress will play well with the wind and add a little drama to your photos. Grooms, be sure to pin down that pocket square!

How to plan a sailboat elopement

Short ‘n sweet film by Laif of Blue Note Weddings to get a feel for the day.

Such a great concept for the couple who wants a more intimate escape with just the two of them or close fam and friends. Big thanks to Melisa + the team below for sharing these elopement ideas!

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