For Better or Worse, Your Wedding Guests Will Remember These Details

For Better or Worse, Your Wedding Guests Will Remember These Details
Are you in the midst of planning the biggest party of your life? Then allow us to introduce you to Ashley of The Graceful Host. Because thanks to this lovely lady we’re about to make all of your planning problems disappear. For not only is this Southern sweetheart giving us an inside scoop on the planning process, but she’s also giving you a rundown on what your guests are sure to remember about your big day below!

The Dress

Your guests will remember the brides dress. They don’t call it “The Dress” for nothing. All eyes are on the bride, and guests can’t wait to see what dress you’ve chosen for your big day. Wow your groom (and your guests!) with a dress that is perfectly you in every way.

The Flow of the Day

Your guests will remember the flow and ease of the wedding. If you have multiple venues for your wedding day, providing transportation for your guests is an easy way to make sure that they don’t have to think about anything. They are able to relax and enjoy the day – and bonus, they also will make it to the venues on time!

The Hospitality

Your guests will remember your hospitality. Welcome your guests with a box full of sips and treats, or a letter of welcome. Include a reminder for the events of the wedding weekend and a note of thanks. Your guests will love the attention to detail and your thoughtfulness.

A Unique Menu

You guests will remember if you did something unique with your menu. The way to your guests heart is through their stomach! Go for menu items that are different and stray from the traditional carving station. Make sure you have enough variety to keep guests wanting more. Consider creating beautiful displays for your stations, and perfect plating for your seated dinner.

The Details

Your guests will remember the details. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve over heard guests gush over the little touches that have made weddings so detailed and personal. Don’t skip the cute stir sticks, monogrammed cocktail napkins, customized signs, personalized signature drinks, delicious late night snacks, special escort card display, etc.

The Venue

Your guests will remember a cool venue. Location matters and guests will remember where your wedding took place. Look for a venue that shows off your city’s views, or highlights the unique charm and character of the region, or consider choosing a location that speaks to your wedding style.

The Cake

Your guests will remember how tasty the cake was. Fact: no one has ever turned down something sweet! Choose a cake that tastes just as good as it looks. Test different flavors with your baker, and share your favorite cake flavors with your guests. We always see guests coming back for seconds, so just because you might not have a sweet tooth, it doesn’t mean your guests will follow suit.

The Party

Your guests will remember the party. Only you know your friends and family, so select a band or DJ that will play to the crowd and create the ultimate party experience for your guests. Let them dance all night long to the music that they love! And don’t forget to pay attention to the timeline of the reception so that it supports an incredible party atmosphere – i.e. minimal interruptions¬†and distractions.
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