Everything You Wanted to Know About Bridal Makeup

Everything You Wanted to Know About Bridal Makeup

You want to look and feel like a princess on your big day. Your smile will be shining bright so you want your makeup to make your entire face shine. Not every bride wants to hire a makeup professional. No one knows your face like you do, so take control and create your own wedding day masterpiece. Here’s the tips and secrets to the perfect wedding day makeup.


Practice makes perfect. Don’t jump into the deep end of the makeup world on your wedding day. You may end up looking more like a clown or a ghost instead of a princess if you don’t try all the different colors a few times. Gather up your favorites as well as a few new hues and play with your face. Watch YouTube videos about getting the perfect contour lines and blending the perfect eyeshadows together. Once you play with the makeup two or three times you will probably have the best look for you. Make sure you are pleased with how light or dark the makeup is on your face. If you still feel like an amateur, make an appointment with a professional so you can see how they do it and take notes of their tips and secrets.

A bride with flowers in the background

Go Waterproof

You may think you’re a steel magnolia without emotion on your wedding day, that is, until you see your fiance standing at the altar or your Maid of Honor gives you her sugary sweet toast and you fall to pieces. You don’t want black streaks running down your pretty face. Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner so you aren’t worried about looking like a zebra. Waterproof mascara can be a bit thicker so just be careful not to get spider lashes. You can use a toothpick or your tweezers if your mascara starts sticking together on the lashes.

Eyebrow Madness

The trend in eyebrows is a strong, thick brow. This doesn’t mean looking like Eugene Levy is cool, but it does mean a thicker brow looks great. If you aren’t used to thick eyebrows, however, you don’t want to color them in only to look back on photos and cringe one day. You can play with the thickness of your eyebrows when you practice to see what works best for you. Some women like razor thin eyebrows while others like them more bushy. It’s all up to your face.


Kim Kardashian put contouring on the map. Contour can totally change the look of your face. The darker foundation is put in the shadows of your face, along the sides of your nose, along your cheekbone and chin bone. Going for an extreme contour can be a little scary as you may end up looking more like a Halloween freak so be careful with not going too dark or too light. Everything in moderation is best so you don’t end up with a bright face in your photos.

A bride in a white dress looks up at the camera


Blush along your cheekbones gives a dramatic look to your face. The best blush will match your natural lip color. You need to apply the blush thicker than you would on an everyday basis. You might think it’s bright enough, but it will get washed away in photos if it isn’t dark enough.


Primer is your best friend on your wedding day. You need makeup to last all day so use primer on your face and eyelids. Your eyeshadow base will usually double as primer making your eyeshadow waterproof so you don’t always need an actual eyeshadow primer. Using primer on your face will basically lock in your foundation for the day. You don’t want to get it too thick so the foundation melts away so just put on a thin layer.

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Lipstick is one of the most fun things to play with when it comes to wedding day makeup. You can go natural, medium or dramatic. It all depends on what kind of look you want. You need to think about texture when applying lipstick. Creamy or shiny textured lipsticks will easily transfer to your hubby or your drink so you might want to be careful with it. If you use your finger to apply the lipstick and buff it, it will last longer. A glossy lipstick is shiny and beautiful for photos, but remember it comes off easily with a kiss so make sure to reapply. Lip stain is a great thing because it should stay on the lips all night without worry.


If you want to go for fake eyelashes, there are so many natural ones out there so go for it. If you want a more natural look, just make sure to have an eyelash curler. Always curl lashes first then begin to apply mascara. Use a layer of cream mascara to thicken the lashes then apply your gel mascara to help them last all night. Mascara wands all claim to do different things from volumizing to lengthening. Just make sure to have one you feel confident when applying so your mascara doesn’t go all over your face.

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