Do you Really *HAVE* To Invite Them To Your Wedding?

Do you Really *HAVE* To Invite Them To Your Wedding?
One of the first steps in planning a wedding is making your guest list. After all, the number of guests you invite will determine multiple big-day decisions, including your venue. Your parents, siblings, grandparents and BFFs are obviously the first to make the list, but what about your freshman year roommate? Or your work wife? Finalizing your guest list is no easy task, but we’re here to help with a list of questions that will take the headache out of wedding planning — for now, at least.
The Considerations

Are they family?

Are they living with or seriously dating a member of your family?

Are they married or engaged to a member of your family?

Are they dating one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen?

Have you been friends more than 10 years?

Have you spoken to them in the past year?

Do you see them on a regular basis?

Have you seen them within the last six months?

Do you like them?

Does your future spouse like them?

Will it be awkward if you don’t invite them?

Will you care if they get mad they’re not invited?

Were you (or will you) be in their wedding?

Were you (or will you be) invited to their wedding?

Did they help you plan your wedding?

Were they there for you during your bridezilla moments?

Are they a coworker you hang out with outside of work?

Have they always supported your relationship?

Are they always one of the first on the dance floor?

Have you told them at any point they’re invited?

Are they a fun drunk?

Would you be OK if they end up in the background of your pictures?

Are they fun?

If You Can Check Off 1-5

Unless you’re having a 500-person wedding, save your $150 per head plate for someone else. If it’s not going to cause major drama or a huge family rift, you can skip them.

If You Can Check Off 6-10

Consider these your “B List” guests. You don’t have to invite them, but if, a few weeks after sending out your gorgeous invitations, you receive more regrets than expected, consider sending your B List guests an invitation.

If You Can Check Off 11-15

The short answer? Yes, you should probably invite them. Obviously, we can’t force you to invite anyone, but if you want to avoid to avoid uncomfortable situations and drama on your big day (and trust us, you do), you should send them an invite.

If You Can Check Off More than 16

To state the obvious, yes, you need to invite them. But, chances are if you can answer yes to more than 16 of the questions above, you already knew that.

Now That You’ve Got the List, Find the Perfect Invites

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