Do You Feel Awkward In Front Of The Camera? They These 6 Ideas!

Do You Feel Awkward In Front Of The Camera? They These 6 Ideas!
When you’re looking back on your wedding photos, the last thing you want to see is an anxious, awkward version of yourself. Sure, you’ll have some jitters before you take that walk down the aisle, but you don’t want those nerves to translate to I hate being in front of the camera. First and foremost, find a photographer that you feel 110% comfortable with. They should be able to help guide you so you don’t feel so posed! Doing an engagement session for practice always helps, too. Then, make sure to keep the tips on hand. You’re going to rock it, gorgeous.

Mind Your Posture

It’s SO easy to forget proper posture! I’m not just talking about slouching—when you’re feeling anxious you can also look too stiff. You want to be relaxed and poised. Before you begin bridal portraits, give yourself a minute to stretch out a bit and literally shake off the nerves. When your photographer is snapping away, make sure to work those shoulders. Your shoulder position can completely change the look of a shot. Push them back for a seriously classy look like the one above. Or, hike them up with your chin to the side for a flirty look.

Look Back

Try the walk-away-and-look-back! It’s easy to get so focused on the lens in front of you that you start to feel less natural and more ahhhh what do I do now?! Your photographer should have plenty of ideas to capture these more organic shots, but the ‘look back’ is always a stunner.

The Sexy Stare

Looking directly into the lens can be one of the most awkward shots. Some of us can’t pull off the sexy stare, but rather end up looking straight up angry. Sound like you? Try doing the subtle smile. Positioning of your hair and face can help, too. Rather than looking straight into the lens, move your head slightly to one side and then bring your eyes back to the camera.

Get Moving

Motion is a great way to allow your photographer to capture the more natural side of you… not quite a candid shot and not quite a still bridal portrait—but that beautiful somewhere in between. Twirl your dress, walk away or toward the lens or run your hand through your hair. All of the above make for amazing snaps.

Laughter is the Best (Wedding Photo) Medicine

We love a good laughter shot! I personally always wonder what the couple was talking about, or what the photographer said when the shot happened. Pretend as if you’re just on a regular ol’ date and keep the conversation going. Those are the kinds of shots that embody the true you.

Practice, Practice, Practice

As mentioned above, an engagement session is a great way to loosen up before the Big Day and get used to being in front of the camera—but you can also practice at home! Try some of the tips above in front of a mirror to get even more comfortable for your debut.

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