Conquer Your Wedding Stress

Conquer Your Wedding Stress

Conquer Your Wedding Stress

A new bride chews her nail in anxiety

Wedding planning can turn the calmest person into a raging ball of nerves. So much goes into planning: from figuring out where every single person sits, and finding the perfect dress, to choosing the best side dishes to feed the room, and picking out a centerpiece to fit every table perfectly. If you aren’t careful, the stress can lead to high blood pressure, breakouts and heart palpitations. You can conquer your wedding stress and still have a perfect wedding day if you just do a few simple things.

Ask For Help

It’s next to impossible to plan a wedding without help. Reach out to loved ones for help. Your Maid of Honor’s mom might know one of the best photographers in town and can hook you up with a great deal. Your fiancé’s friend may be a florist and will find you the best flowers of the season. You never know who will lend you a hand and lower your stress levels. Remember, your fiance is also in this with you, so make sure he helps with the planning. He can do little things like making a wedding playlist or choosing a favorite type of invitation. If you get in over your head, we highly recommend to hire a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator that takes over the biggest things so you aren’t drowning in stress!

A bride adds up her wedding costs.


A good workout can get your mind off the planning and kick your endorphins into high gear at the same time. Go for a run outside enjoying the scenery and listening to music so you don’t just think about the wedding. You can use the time to organize your thoughts as long as you don’t start weighing your mind down with all that needs to get done. Working out is a huge stress reliever because you get lost in the moment and your mind becomes more focused on burning calories than worrying about the music list.


Pamper yourself with a massage. It might be hard to turn off the outside world as you chill on the table getting a massage, but don’t let your mind go wild. Concentrate on the relaxation of the massage and let your mind drift away. You can even fall asleep and turn off the world for an hour or so. A massage relaxes your entire body, so just fall into it, and let yourself enjoy the pampering.


When your life feels like it’s spread out on a thousand post it notes, you might be under a lot of pressure. You can easily avoid this stress by staying organized. Keep a wedding binder, a budget and organized notes so you’re always on top of things. Make “to do” lists and check things off weekly. Don’t let deadlines creep up until the last minute or you’ll be scrambling trying to remember what you needed for that deadline. Do things early, like finding your photographer or florist ,so you can get it checked off. Rope the one you want before someone else swoops them up for your date. As you buy things, update your budget so you aren’t surprised down the line when you can’t figure out where that $500 went.

Hang Out With Girlfriends

Getting together with your best friends is the best medicine for stress. Laugh about old college stories and tell stories about old boyfriends. In no time, your mind will be a million miles away from worrying if your dress alternations will be done on time. Get together for a glass of wine or have a painting party so you can just enjoy life without any of the boyfriends, fiances or husbands around. It’s all about the girl time!

Three women relax at a spa

Take A Bath

Don’t just take any bath, take a relaxing, luxury bath. Surround your bathtub with candles and put on relaxing music. Sip a glass of wine as you relax into the cascading bubbles. The aromas and warm temperatures will help you escape into a land faraway from any worry. Add calming essential oils to the water for a mood boost as well.

By: Julie Gray

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