9 Things A Groom Can’t Forget On His Wedding Day

9 Things A Groom Can’t Forget On His Wedding Day

As a groom, there will be a lot, and we mean a lot of things that will keep you busy on your wedding day. So busy, that it can be easy to succumb to having “wedding brain” and forget some of the most important wedding day tasks! While we all know forgetting the rings can be a major no-no, there are a few additional things that could push your S.O.’s buttons if you don’t remember to do them.

Don’t Forget To…

You’ll want to feel refreshed and good-to-go on your wedding day, therefore it’s important to stay hydrated. The wedding weekend has a lot in store — from the rehearsal dinner toasts to the morning brunch on the big day. All of these pre-wedding events might mean that you’ll be drinking quite a bit of alcohol. Make sure you don’t over-serve yourself by drinking several glasses of water in between, because the last thing you’ll want is a hangover on your wedding day.

Trust us, getting groomed is something you shouldn’t forget to do on your wedding day. You’ll be looking back on this day for the rest of your life. Use a fresh razor and make a note to give yourself a nice shave and freshen up the morning of your wedding. If you and your groomsmen have some time to kill before the ceremony, head to a barber shop for a hot towel shave and a bit of manly pampering. If being cleanly shaven isn’t your thing, just make sure you take some time putting yourself together. Remembering to look your best will not only make you feel good but will make your wedding photos that much better!

Read through your vows
It’s always a good idea to look over your vows a few times before you head the altar, especially if you’ve decided to write your own. Doing a readthrough will ensure there won’t be any stutters or awkward “Umm” pauses, letting you recite your vows like a champ.

Keep the groomsmen in line
We all know that when you get a group of guys together things could get a little rowdy, so make sure you give a pep talk to your boys. Give them a rundown of the day, such as what time the ceremony starts and where they are expected to be at certain times. You don’t want them getting out of hand on the big day and doing something that could disrupt flow of the wedding. If you think a quick talk won’t do the trick, enlist your best man to help keep your groomsmen in check.

Exchange wedding day gifts
Exchanging gifts or love letters the morning of your big day is a sweet gesture that also lets you have a moment to yourselves. Whether you to opt to be in separate rooms or open the gifts together, this is a great way to show how excited you are that you’ll be tying the knot in just a few hours. We suggest you remember to bring a handkerchief with you too!

Eat something
During all the fun and excitement of getting married it can be easy to forget one of the most simple tasks, to eat! Be sure to grab hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour if you’re too busy to sit down and eat a full meal, or ask your planner/caterer to pack up a box of food for after the wedding. Remember being hangry on your wedding day is definitely something you’ll want to avoid!

Take photos
While this may be a given, we still want to reiterate how important it is to take the right pictures. Hopefully your photographer will help, but for the most part you should know which photos you and your future-spouse-to-be want to take or be in. Just check out this checklist to make sure you get all the important family photo combinations.

Let loose
It’s also important that you don’t get too caught up in the events of the big day that you forget to have some fun and celebrate! Let go of the nerves by finding a time where you and your newly spouse can sneak away for a bit. You’ll find that spending a few moments together can help both of you unwind and get ready to hit the dance floor.

Say thanks
Before the the night ends, you should find a time to say thanks to everyone who helped make the day special. There are so many people who play a role in the big event: vendors, family, friends…the list can go on, and it includes your S.O. too! So remember to make a quick toast where you can give credit to everyone who was a part of your wedding. Lastly, don’t be afraid to say “cheers” to you and your brand new spouse! After all, the night is about the newlyweds!

Written by Jacqueline Tynes Photo: Heather Jowett

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