7 Cozy + Romantic Honeymoons to Take After Your Fall Wedding

7 Cozy + Romantic Honeymoons to Take After Your Fall Wedding
Fall brings with it cooler temps and crisp air, backdrops of fall foliage and beautiful flowers, spicy flavors and deep, rich color palettes perfect for cozy, romantic honeymoons.

If you happen to be getting married during the fall season you are in luck! In addition to being a majestic time of year to tie the knot, it is also a wonderfully romantic time to honeymoon.

So, if you are preparing to say your vows as the leaves begin to change, here are the best places, near and far, to jet off to with your forever travel partner after the wedding!

Barnard, Vermont
It is difficult to find any place in the United States more cozy and romantic than New England in the fall and Vermont is home to some of the most picturesque, tree-lined towns in the Northeast. While most of the state is made up of adorable bed and breakfast spots and historic inns perfect for honeymooners, Barnard, Vermont combines all-inclusive luxury with legendary fall foliage and activities.A visit to Twin Farms means you can bike or hike through endless golden leafed trees, take a private, twilight canoe ride, snuggle up by the fire with a glass of wine or unwind at the spa. You will also enjoy three meals a day that revolve around local herbs and vegetables, prepared by an award winning chef, because the philosophy here is that the culinary experience is an integral part of the visit, evening cocktails included!

Charleston, South Carolina
While southern charm is certainly not seasonal, autumn combines Charleston’s infamous hospitality with mild and enjoyable temps, clear skies and lots of sunshine. You and your honeymoon companion can spend the days strolling hand-in-hand through the historic streets and arts district, wandering in and out the endless downtown shops, visiting various museums or boating on the beautiful waters.Charleston is also known for its booming and incredibly delicious food scene, which is amped up with different events and festivals in the fall. Choose a central location, like Zero George Street, where nearly everything is right at your fingertips, especially with the hotel’s complimentary bikes. In addition to all that the city has to offer, you’ll enjoy the charm of the restored historic building and downtime with your love in it’s cozy courtyards with views of the harbor.

Napa Valley, California
If you and your new hubby are wine lovers, Napa Valley is an unforgettable place to spend your post-wedding one-on-one time, especially in the fall. Peak seasons for wine country are September through November and March through May, but honeymooning in the later months means you are also there for harvest season.

Heading to the vineyards during the harvest means you not only get to taste seemingly endless amounts of wine in gorgeous settings, but you can also participate in the harvest, stomping grapes and bottling your own wine to take home as a memento. According to Travel and Leisure, Napa also boasts one of America’s most romantic hotels, The Carneros Inn, so the infamous California locale leaves no stone unturned when it comes to a fabulous fall honeymoon.

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Big Sur, California
Of course, wine country is alluring, but other stunning California locations also have a lot to offer up in the relaxation and romance department, most notably, Big Sur. Heading north and then high above the coast affords you the most picturesque views of the Pacific, optimal stargazing and just the right amount of disconnect from the outside world.In September and October, days are still warm with cool, clear nights, perfect for spending time fireside and taking in the scenery. Like its Napa Valley counterpart, Big Sur is also home to one of the country’s most romantic hotels, Post Ranch Inn. With cottages that boast floor to ceiling windows for views of the coast and the mountains, wood burning fireplaces and private decks and spa tubs you never need to leave your own personal oasis to experience the best of northern California. However, if you decide to venture out, you can drive up and down the coast in one of the inn’s convertibles- the restaurant will even prepare you a picnic for your journey!

The Alphabet Islands
If you love cooler temps and golden foliage enough to tie the knot in the fall but are still looking for a tropical honeymoon, look no further than the ABC Islands. The Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao are magical in that they boast near perfect, tropical beach weather all year round. Aruba, also known as “One Happy Island” due to its spectacularly lucky coordinates that place it just outside the hurricane belt, has the best year-round weather.

With an average temperature of 82 degrees, the most recorded sunny days in all of the Caribbean each year and some of the best beaches in the world, the “A” island will not disappoint if you’re hoping for a romantic week on the beach. For the ultimate combination of public sun bathing and private snuggle time with your boo, book a room at the Ritz Carlton on Palm Beach, the island’s most famous sands, where each room offers a private balcony.

Paris, France
One of the best things about Paris (as if anybody could ever pick just one thing!) is that there is truly never a bad time to visit the city of love. Fall brings with it crisp air, weather that is ideal for strolling the gardens or sitting at an infamous street cafe in a sweater and light jacket.The city also has an authentic feel you don’t get in the summer months, as the native Parisians have found their way back to the city from their summer holidays. All-in-all the city of love may be even more romantic when cozied up at a cafe with a bottle of wine or sipping hot chocolate while discovering the various gardens, whose fall foliage rivals anywhere else in the world.

Budapest, Hungary
When it comes to European honeymoons, Budapest is not often the first city that comes to mind, but it is a hidden gem with so much to offer. Summer temperatures in this eastern European city can be stifling, but come September and October, the weather is near perfection and optimal for enjoying the famed thermal baths with your newly betrothed.

Autumn also brings with it loads of festivals and music events, so in addition to the breathtaking sight seeing opportunities, you can also enjoy Hungarian wines, musicians and pastries in the streets with your forever travel buddy. Both romance and adventure await!

Could fall be the new wedding season?! It sure has a lot to offer, not only in terms of walking down the aisle, but also when thinking about where you will jet off to for post-marriage bliss. Whatever you decide, there are plenty of options for you to enjoy your autumn honeymoon with your love.

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