5 Tricks To Getting The Ultimate Glow For Your Wedding Day

5 Tricks To Getting The Ultimate Glow For Your Wedding Day
There are ways to enhance the wedding day “glow,” of course: having a makeup artist on hand to apply bronzer in all the right places, months of facials and deep conditioning hair treatments leading up to the event, regular teeth whitening sessions throughout the engagement, and more.

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While these superficial efforts certainly make for a beautiful bride day-of, there’s something to be said for laying the groundwork for that glow over time. These are the secrets to attaining that unmistakable bridal beauty glow.

Use a face oil instead of a regular moisturizer

While traditional moisturizers have the potential to clog pores and are often full of unpronounceable ingredients, face oils are almost always all-natural, and are actually more easily absorbed by skin’s pores. For the oily-skinned or acne-prone, using face oil can be a total life saver — with face oil, your skin is so fully moisturized that it doesn’t need to make any oil of its own, meaning you won’t have that annoying shiny T-Zone problem anymore! One of my all-time favorite face oils is the Mangosteen Oil by Skin Owl, for its delicious smell.

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Pair face oil with rose water, and spritz this regularly
For continuous moisture throughout the day, I carry a bottle of rose water with me and spritz it on my face every few hours. Not only does it help your skin lock in moisture and control excess oil (which shouldn’t be an issue if you moisturize with oil anyway!), but it’s said to help relieve stress, too, as a result of its pleasant smell and refreshing feel on the skin. Long term, rose water use strengthens your skin at a cellular level, aiding in the regeneration process and making you look younger!

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Take collagen peptides

Talk about getting a glow from the inside out! Perhaps the most exciting side effect of a collagen supplement (of which there are many) is its ability to make skin look more supple. And it works the same way for your hair and nails, making both more lustrous and strong! For a double whammy, mix your collagen supplement into green tea instead of just water to reap the benefits of that, too — improved complexion, reduction of dark undereye circles, and more. I do this every morning with Vital Proteins’ Collagen Peptides and one of Yogi Tea’s green blends.

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Get sweaty

Going to the gym has the power to make you look beautiful from the inside out! Getting your heart rate up on the regular increases your blood flow, moving more oxygen and crucial vitamins into the capillaries that nourish our skin! In addition to a healthy glow, you’ll be ridding your body of toxins and building confidence, which we all know is the ultimate element of “the glow.” If you need a little workout inspiration, check out SMP’s Bridal Bootcamp program with former Bachelorette cutie Peter Kraus here!

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Bathe in lavender Epsom salts

Lastly, rinse off all that sweat in the most relaxing way possible. Epsom salts are absorbed by your skin, easing any wedding-planning tension, and lavender’s age-defying antioxidants have the power to keep you feeling and looking calmer than ever.

Regardless of whether or not you incorporate any of these beauty tips into your daily routine, know that your glow will shine through on your wedding day because of the most important thing: love.

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